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Setiap kasus ditangani oleh tim investigator khusus yang berpengalaman dari berbagai macam latar belakang seperti di bidang kepolisian, hukum, dan IT.


Seluruh informasi disimpan dalam tempat yang aman dan terjaga selama 3 bulan. Informasi yang tidak aktif akan dihancurkan/ dihapus permanen.


Kami tidak akan pernah dengan sengaja menempatkan anggota, klien atau target dalam keadaan berbahaya atau menyebabkan cedera atau kerusakan pada orang tersebut dan juga propertinya.


Jakarta Private Investigations akan bekerja sama dengan klien sebagaimana kasus berjalan untuk berdiskusi dan menentukan strategi yang dapat diterima dan dijalankan kedua pihak.


Kami akan transparan dengan klien sejak awal menentukan pendekatan kasus, pada setiap perkembangan dan sampai pada kasus selesai.

Konsultasi Gratis

Kami tersedia 24/7 untuk memberikan klien konsultasi gratis melalui telepon dan Whatsapp.

Temukan layanan khusus kami.

  • Perselingkuhan
  • Cek Latar Belakang
  • Pelacakan GPS
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Verifikasi Data

Apa yang dikatakan klien tentang kami.

Simon Davies
Simon Davies
I rarely write reviews, but in this case I most definitely want to. I live in the Netherlands and my friend had a big problem in that she went missing in an area of Jakarta. She got a bit mixed up and walked out on where she was staying and got lost. Friends were looking for her, but they couldn’t find her. With the COVID-19 travel restrictions in place I wasn’t able to go there, and personally I felt helpless and powerless and thought there was nothing I could do. But after many days of my friend being missing, I was really, really worried and then I decided that, actually, there was something I could do. And that was when I contacted Jakarta Private Investigations. I wrote an e.mail asking basic questions like…Do you find missing people? How much does it cost? etc. We had a very quick exchange of e.mails and I gave the go ahead to Jakarta Private Investigations and they started searching immediately. They kept me updated on progress multiple times per day and never gave up. It took more than a week, but they found her and arranged to admit her to a hospital, which had been agreed with me beforehand. It didn’t end there! They took care of bringing her essential supplies and toiletries etc and are involved in many, many further follow up actions to help get my friend better and home again. My experience with Jakarta Private Investigations is limited to them finding a missing person of course, but in this case they were amazing! There are a lot of reasons somebody might consider hiring a Private Investigator in Jakarta, but if my experience is anything to go by, Jakarta Private Investigations won’t let you down. You can trust them completely. I felt there was an instant bond of trust between us from the word go. For me, they were brilliant and still are !! Thank you very much Jeehan and team! A very much relieved Simon.
David Williams
David Williams
Best price and service, prompt reply and advice. Overall good experience, will definitely use Jakarta PI again and recommend to others.. thanks..!
M Abdul
M Abdul
I engaged them for an infidelity case and must say I am thoroughly impressed by their professionalism, speed, ethics and constant feedback on my case. They are very experienced and can give very good suggestions to any given situation. I needed background checks and surveillance work to be done quickly. And they did it fast and found out lots of useful info and made me realise things about my partner that were hidden from me for so long. Especially useful since I am residing outside Indonesia. They have lots of industry connections which helps a lot to get things done fast. They are also very transparent about cost and very reasonable about it. My contact person is also very friendly, speaks perfect English and always responsive. Most importantly of all, I can trust them with confidential info. Totally private. If you need anyone reliable and trustworthy and efficient, I would highly recommend them for your investigative needs.
Moriello Group
Moriello Group
Helpful, kind and professional service. Jakarta Private Investigation helped me to avoid Identity Theft. They checked suspicious person claiming to be bank employee and prevented to getting vulnerable peronal details. Thank you for you support.
Karan Pareenja
Karan Pareenja
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Jakarta Private Investigations

Menara BCA Lt. 50
Jalan M.H Thamrin No. 1, Jakarta
10310, Indonesia

Telephone:     (+62 21) 2358 4492

Mobile:            (+62) 811 7333 793

WhatsApp:     (+62) 811 7333 793


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