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January – March 2019

Case type: Cheating Partner

A Singaporean client is in need of a cheating partner investigation on her husband in Jakarta. Through desktop investigation we are able to know that there is another woman living in the husband’s house. Although due to limited information provided and very strict access to the house complex we cannot gather photo and video proof of them together. 

Case type: Address Verification and Process Serving

Client from Malaysia wants to verify an address for further process serving in Bali. We checked the location and turns out it was a fake address and did not belong to the subject as stated. We also serve as court witness later in 2020 for this case.

Case Type: Cheating Partner

A regular client from Philippine came to us for a random checks on their spouse’s after work activity. We do a surveillance on the subject and found nothing suspicious. Faithful indeed.

April – June 2019

Case Type: Fraud Investigation

A big insurance company in Jakarta wants to do a fraud investigation on their employee and suspected vendors. We did a 4 weeks investigation and the suspect(s) turned out to be families and has been working together getting fraud money from the company for years.

Case Type: Asset Search

A company in Jakarta wants to know whether their ex-employee, who has stole more than USD 500.000, still has an unknown asset other than the one court have already confiscated. We did an asset search on subject and found out that she has no more asset left.

Case Type: Background Check

A small business in Jakarta wants to know who’s the supplier of their competitor. We did a background check and easily find the supplier within 3 weeks.

July – September 2019

Case Type: Cheating Partner

Client from Hong Kong engaged with us for a cheating partner investigation in Jakarta. We did a 3 days surveillance and found nothing suspicious.

Case Type: Cheating Partner

A Malaysian client came to us following her suspicions on her boyfriend infidelity. We did a 7 days surveillance over 3 weeks and found out that subject marital status is married and he often travel out of Indonesia.

Case Type: Record Retrieval and Verification

Client from Indonesia wants to know who is the board directors, commissioner and shareholders of a certain company. Only by the company name provided we are able to retrieve the legitimate document within 3 days. 

Case Type: Cheating Partner

Client from Indonesia wants to assure that his girlfriend is faithful before taking a more serious step. We did a 10 days surveillance and found nothing suspicious. What a relief!

October – December 2019

Case Type: Background Check

A company from Israel got scammed by an Indonesian IT and asked us to locate and do background check on the subject. We found the subject and cooperate with police to process him accordingly.

Case Type: Partnership

We begin a partnership with an HK based company regarding Pre-Employment Vetting.

Case Type: Missing Person

A worried mother wants to find out her only child location and well-being after losing her custody of the child to the (lawyer) father. We posed as clients and managed to find out that being in his father custody, the child does not go to school and often sleeps in the car while parked in a restaurant parking lot. We gathered enough evidence for the mother to regain back custody.

Case Type: Cheating Partner

A client from Canada needs to gather evidence of his partner infidelity for their divorce process. We did a multiple surveillance over a couple months in Bali and found a lot of evidence.